General Trading Conditions


The dispatch of fish and other products takes place after receipt of the complete invoice, including the freight rates,  in Euro prepaid on our account. Then we will export the products you ordered dependent on the distance of the ship to adress by airplane, by a reliable courier service, or by us.

Important: If transfer of fund is not successful; delayed or cannot be confirmed by the receiving bank two (2) days prior to shipment date. The shipment will be cancelled or postponed and the importer shall be duly informed.

In cold weather we use heatpacks, to avoid the water cooling down to much, which are charged with 1,50 Euro by piece.

Transport costs and other costs ( such as cash on delivery, customs duties,...)have to be payed from the orderer.

Living animals are principle excluded from conversion.

Only optically perfect animals will be shipped, we guarantee highest quality of all fishes being shipped out.We guarantee a living arrival up to the assumption by the orderer. Complaints because of D.O.A are considered only on the day of the arrival

  D.O.A shall mean fishes dead-on-arrival in the shipping bags upon arrival at the airport of entry

Any claims on DOA of more than 5% of the total value of the fishes will have to be supported by photographs or images of dead fishes, when requested.

Claims on DOA are to be made within  the same day ( not later then 24 hours ) upon receiving the fishes. No claim will be entertained later than this.

We do not take adhesion for losses arising later, or complications at already existing fish existence, or for from us supplied fish existence.   

We do not ship frozen food less 10kg. Smaller quantities are not possible to ship, since otherwise the danger of thaw out of the food exists!! 

Transport damages are to be made valid with the carrier.

All supplyied goods remain up to the complete  payment our property .

A supply cannot be set to the agreed upon date carries the orderer the developed transport costs and also  a charge of 25,00 Euro for a handling.

All our prices in our stock - and pricelists are FCA Illmitz and do not include feight rate or other charges.

With the appearance of a new price list all previous price lists lose their validity.

Place of delivery and area of jurisdiction for both parties are that of the sender.

Purchasing conditions of the orderer are not recognized.                                                            Changes of the purchase - conditions, changes of prices and changes on packing-kinds and packing-sizes, made of the ordering company or ordering person, are not recognized!

The orderer recognizes on with each order the general trading conditions in its entirety .