U.S. Patent number 3,963,576

“ NATURAL Solutions for Water Quality Problems “

1 gallon ABA

ABA (Aqua-Bacta-Aid©) was developed By Water Quality Science International, to be a fast-acting solid waste reducing bacterial suspension for aquaculture and agriculture applications. Stringent laboratory and field test were used to select the ten (10) types of bacteria that make up ABA to efficiently biodegrade organic waste in fish ponds and agricultural lagoons. ABA digests organic matter which is largely converted into harmless carbon dioxide and water. ABA is an ecologically sound solution to solid waste problems. ABA uses natures own system for cleaning up the solid waste matter on pond bottoms with non-hazardous beneficial bacteria.

A.B.A has been authorized for use by USDA food production establishments!

  • Reduces Organic Waste
  • Lowers Fish Stress and Mortality                                             
  • Decreases Ammonia and Nitrites
  • Aids when Shock – loading
  • Improves Water Quality
  • Reduces Odor
  • Stabilize Oxygen Swings
  • Reduces Nutrients
  • Reduziert Algenbildung
  • Cost effective, 1 ml to 125 Liter of water! 1Liter a.b.a for 125000 Liter of water !

aba N-1: Fresh Water start - up  for Biological Filters and Seeding

aba R-1: Solid waste reduction in fresh water, Eliminates Solid Waste Ponds - Lakes       

aba S-1: Reduces Heavy Organic Waste in fresh water  Ponds – Lakes

aba N-2: Salt water start – up for Biological Filters , Nitrification Product for Saltwater SALINE- Environments

aba R-2: Solid waste reduction in salt water systems

aba G-1:  Eliminates Grease and Fats

aba GRO: Nutrient for Activating & Growing Bacteria, Activates enzyme   production for immediate application