Aqua•Bacta•Aid N-2

A Nitrification Product for Saltwater - SALINE- Environments

aba N-2 was developed under the same laboratory standards that produced the highly successful nitrifier product, a.b.a N-1.                                                                                aba N-2 is a highly efficient nitrifier for use in saline environments. aba N-2 is a highly effective product for solving saline waste problems. It is capable of perfroming under many different saline conditions. aba N-2 utilizes natures way of cleaning the environment using beneficial bacteria.

a.b.a N-2 is authorized for use by USDA in Federally inspected meat, fish, poultry and egg product establishments


  • Reduces Ammonia and Nitrites
  • Improves water quality
  • Responds immediately
  • Cost effective

Applications:                                                                                                                                                           in biological filters, aquariums, close or recycled systems to:

·        Seed Biological Filters

·        Start – up New Systems

·        Aid in Shock Loading

·        Manage Ammonia Swings

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